Thursday, August 14, 2014


I have been getting some things finished! Of course, as I finish one thing, six other things come to mind, that I just have to make. However, TADA!

The Slightly Twisted Baby Set:

The socks were made using the pattern for baby socks by Kate Atherley. Of course, I had to add the twisted edging, so they would match the hat.

They are just so cute! A lovely quick and easy pattern, too.

I also finished Metalouse by Stephen West.

It isn't blocked yet, but I loved the way it turned out. Look at all the lovely shades of purple. The yarn is Chroma from Knit Picks and I think I need to make a couple more of these as Christmas gifts. I see Knit Picks has some new colours for Chroma. However, this one is mine, all mine!!!

In celebration of these finishes, I, of course, went to a yarn sale, and a few things came home with me.

More yarn for shawls, as well as some of the striped baby yarn I like so well. I do actually have plans for much of it (though not all).

Marley, the new foster cat, actually stood still long enough to take his picture. (but just barely, hence the blur)
Just in case you wanted to see his face.
The other end was shown here.


  1. Those baby knits are the cutest ever, the twists add so much. And good for you that you made the nice shawl for yourself!

  2. Love the colours of the shawl. That hat and socks are so cute. Thanks for the link to the hat. My cats are 18 now and pretty healthy. I don't know what we would do with a kitten but yours is so very, very cute.

  3. these are so cute. Love the choice of yarn.