Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Slightly Twisted

I was traveling this past weekend. I married into a family with longevity, so we attended a 100th birthday party! The party was 5 hours away, so I had time to knit (when not looking for Moose).

I started one baby hat, but the pattern wasn't working with the self-striping sock yarn. I ripped it out and tried another pattern. I was having a hard time figuring out the twisted band on this one, so I pulled it out 3 times as well. So, really, I had no knitting to show, when I got home on Sunday.

However, I went on YouTube after I got home and, of course, someone had made a video of the band I was attempting. What did we do before YouTube?

Monday, I recovered from my travels and spent the day knitting.

This is my version of the Slightly Twisted Baby Hat .
I added an I-cord to the top because it just looks so darn cute on a newborn hat.

Since the baby I knit it for is not here yet, I asked for a volunteer to model it. No, I don't have a cat just now, so I had to use this guy.

I think the hat looks quite nice with his sweater. I didn't make the sweater, it came with the bear.

Next up: Matching socks!


  1. Lovely pattern, yarn would be the nicest yet, and Teddy a perfect model, sits when asked, poses nicely, and no modelling fees. Cheers.Jean

  2. I feel for you when you have to rip out stitches but I too have recently realized You Tube is a stitch and time saver when it comes to printed instructions that are not quite as clear as we sometimes need! Love the little hat and great idea with the icord on top!