Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Marley's Project

The other morning, my husband brought me this, asking what it was.

Now you would think since we have a long history together, he could guess it is a piece of fabric from my stash. I bought it on spec, a long time ago. Not sure what I had planned, if anything. It is flannelette and I expect I planned to make receiving blankets for the next baby shower. I haven't been invited to a baby shower lately, so I guess that is why it is in my stash.

My husband had found it in the middle of the family room floor. It seems that sometime during the night, Marley, the foster cat, had been exploring, found it, and decided he needed it. He had dragged 2 metres of flannelette up the stairs, without getting it unfolded.

I decided that for that, he deserved a kennel quilt.

So I dipped into a friend's stash of I Spy fabric and found some 6" and 3" blocks of some of his favourite things.

I plan to make a simple design and back it with the Sherk flannelette.

Meanwhile, I finished the second clue for my Family Tree shawl.

It is looking good so far.


  1. Family tree shawl?...very interesting idea:)

  2. After that effort, a quilt is maybe what he thinks he wants, was he trying to tell you something? And favourite things, perfect for Marley. Have a great day, Jean,.