Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sunhats Part 1

Some of the young families on our street have decided to have a street party, with all the neighbours.  The organizers were asking if I knew any artisans on the street that might donate prizes. It took me a minute before I realized "Hey, I'm an artisan" and then I heard myself offering to make a couple of sunhats. 
I have made dozens of sunhats for children. They are quick and easy, and with bright fabrics, the kids even like to wear them. I pulled out some kid fabric from my stash and found a couple of large scraps that looked like they would work.
One of the fabrics was by Catfish Calhoun, a Canadian designer from the nineties who was famous for wild prints, used in boarding shorts. I looked online to see if the company was still around. I was shocked to discover the same fabric I was using, listed on Etsy as "vintage fabric". I think they meant "old".
I was somewhat offended by the idea. However, I looked up the meaning of the word and found this: Characterized by excellence, maturity, and enduring appeal; classic.
Okay, I think that might describe this fabric. What do you think? 

I think that lime green, hot pink and orange can't be called anything other than classic.

Now for the hat.

It is also a classic, the floppy brimmed sunhat.  

And I have learned a lot from the discipline of quilting. When I used to make these, I would put a cloth covered button on the top, to disguise the fact that the seams didn't meet. On this hat though:

Tada...they meet perfectly! I think the party organizers will be quite happy with it, even if it is "vintage".

Now for the kitten fans:
I was asked if kittens were going to be part of my blog, and I said only if they were involved in something crafty. So, for Karen and Cheryl and the other kitten fans:
 Blanche is wearing her new frilly collar. It actually covers the irritated spot on her neck, to keep her and her siblings from making it worse. I thought she looked sweet, so I took her picture. Her sister Phyllis can be seen in the background.


  1. Love the hat and the fabric....that's perfect for this time of year:)

    I laughed at the fact that something from the 90's is listed on Etsy as vintage. Good grief I have bits of fabric older than that. Maybe I should list them Etsy too:)

    More kittens please...so cute.

  2. that is a great hat! The fabric is perfect for a kid's summer time hat, and the fact that it is vintage also makes it extra cool!

  3. Enduring appeal for sure! Love the fabric and the hats. Yes, you are an artisan! More kitty photos are always welcome!

  4. That is a very cool hat. Great work.

  5. Heaven help me if stuff from the 90s is classed as vintage - you could classify most of my belongings as that! That bright sunhat is very funky - I hope whoever won it was pleased. I would be :)

    I discovered your blog through The Needle and Thread Network which I arrived at via Mary Ann Tate, who I met through WOYWW (What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday) - a blog run by my friend Julia in the UK but which has followers worldwide!

    Hugs, LLJ xx

  6. I must be vintage, too, 'cuz I love those colours. And I love that photo of Blanche. She is adorable. And so stylish!

  7. I was worried for a moment there when you said that things from the 90s are vintage, but then you wrote that nifty definition which describes this old geezer from the 'gasp' 60s to a tee, so all is well again.
    The hat is lovely and a great idea for a street fête. I learned to piece like that sewing my kids' clothes and transferred it to the quilts I made from the scraps.....

  8. Lovely hat!! Vintage indeed! 60's fabric is vintage. Silly them. Love the kitty part too.

  9. My husband and I visited the Atlantic Car Show this past weekend here in Moncton, NB and he was fairly amused at my reaction to the “vintage” vehicles....I was shaking my head over cars from my high school and post secondary days being considered antiques. He finally gently pointed out that both the cars and I were getting older so perhaps I should do the math...haha. I am sure your hat will be very well received because vintage is very fashionable!

  10. Good job on the hat. Cute kitty photos are always nice to see.

  11. The only thing about listing something on ETSY as vintage is that one of the listing questions is "when was this made?" and if you date it after 1993, it automatically excludes the item from VINTAGE categories, even if you call it Vintage...

    I love the sunhat, I had a pattern that worked well for me, but somewhere along the way, I got lost in the disorganization of things -- I am so impressed that the seams meet so nicely on your hat!

    And, kittens do occasionally belong on a blog -- call it comic relief?!

  12. I am behind in reading posts. Kate, Blanche is ADORABLE. She would be a perfect companion for Polly. Good thing I don't live closer to you, I'd have a house full of cats...!! I am watching (and enjoying) the cat show on your sidebar. Oh, and great job on the hat!