Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sunhats - Part 2

The street party, Sunday afternoon, was lovely. The sun shone (not that it has done much else this summer) and the neighbours came. Some came on foot, some came by stroller and some came by bike. 
Our street is a crescent with a shorter portion (called "The Court") cutting across it, so that the top of the crescent becomes a big "D" shape.  The children decorated their bikes, and were asked to ride slowly around the D in a parade of bikes. Somehow, it turned into the "Tour  de France" with the big kids doing about 10 laps as the little ones on trikes valiantly tried to make it around once. We stood and cheered. 
I finished my second sunhat, in time for that party. (see the first one here) It was actually finished 2 days early! No sense in rushing these things. The hats became part of the prize selection, with prizes awarded throughout the party. I expect that I will see the hats around the neighbourhood, shortly. 

Here is sunhat #2, in the classic Dino look, popular with most children under 5.

Sort of a French Foreign Legion look, very vintage!

And the back view:

As well as a view of how dry it is in my backyard. If you have any extra rain, could you send it my way?


  1. That hat is a prize for sure; the extra bit of protection down the back is what we all need this summer. It will be fun for you to see who gets to sport it around the neighbourhood! It's dry here in N.S. too. Our bees are being very stingy about producing any honey; they need the moisture to make the process work.

  2. Very cute hat:) We actually got a huge rainstorm yesterday not that it did much good...the grass is already dead.

  3. The sun hat is excellent! and would be a much appreciated prize by any MOM! We have rain out here on the WEST coast, too much actually, keeps everything green if not so sunny!

  4. I love that Foreign Legion look! Very practical. Sounds like you live in a very nice neighbourhood.