Sunday, October 7, 2012

Being Thankful

I have lots of things to be thankful for: Home, family, pets, foster pets, friends, to name a few. I remember one of my kids asking years ago if we were rich. I told him that we had all that we needed and we could afford many things that we wanted, so I felt that we were rich.

Shortly, I will start making a feast, much of it is from the fields of the Ottawa and Rideau River valleys. We will eat too much, then complain that we shouldn't have eaten so much. Life is good!

I am sorry that I had a memory lapse last week. I worked hard to finish these placemats.

I love using border print fabric to make placemats, a la Jinnie Beyer. Every one comes out unique but they all match because they came from the same piece of fabric.


I made these for my mother to decorate her table, then left them at home, when I drove down last week. Since it is a 7 hour drive, I won't be making the trip again, before she starts decorating for Christmas, so, I will be mailing them. Now I need to start on some winter ones for her.

While I was on a roll I also made some mug mats:
And 2 table toppers, though only one is quilted so far:
All from 1.5 metres of fabric! I didn't have a lot of scraps when I was done.

Hope you have a feast to enjoy with family and friends.


  1. They're really pretty. Just right for Thanksgiving.

  2. Lovely fall colours. Love those placemats.

  3. Great use of your fabric, they are lovely.