Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Road Work

For the last 6 weeks, we have been traveling. I was starting to forget what home looked like. The laundry is overflowing the hamper. Now, I just want to stay home for awhile.

When we travel, the other half of the team does all the driving, and I navigate. I am sure you have had these conversations in your car:
She: "Turn left here"
He: "Where"
She: "Right here"
He: "I thought you said left!"

In order to keep harmony in the car, I knit. I try not to leave home without my knitting bag. I take simple things, that don't require a lot of pattern checking. Socks are my usual, but this time, I took a couple of different things.

Fingerless gloves, made from Berroco Comfort Sock. The yarn is an acrylic-nylon blend and is lovely and soft. The pattern is Annie's Fingerless Mits , free from Ravelry. They are ribbed and look very narrow, but I think they will fit most ladies' hands.

Wow, you can see the magnetic manicure!

Meanwhile, a friend of long standing (I don't want to call her an OLD friend, but we have been friends since Grade 1)  is about to become a grandma for the first time. She is very excited, so I made her grandbaby  an Easy Peasy Newborn Sock Hat

It is made from some leftover sock yarn from my stash, Regia, I think.

Both of the items were photographed on the beds in hotel rooms, because both were given away on the trip.

I am linking to The Needle and Thread Network, WIP Wednesday.



  1. Love the tiny toque! I have not quite figured out the attraction of fingerless mitts -- it is my fingers that get cold not my arms cause they have the jacket... must be a style thing, eh?

  2. No beads on the mitts?? I think that beads would be fun to wrangle in a moving car. They'd add to the challenge. I do like the mitts though AND the little cap. How cute!

  3. I too always take socks to knit in the car. I love the fingerless mits and the little hat. Cute!

  4. Wow these are so well made and look so snug and comfy! I am sure that they are a perfect fit and looks like a lot of effort has gone into it!