Friday, May 24, 2013

Cathedral Windows

I am fortunate to have made friends with a number of very accomplished quilters. One of these lovely ladies volunteered to come and run a workshop for the ladies from the church quilt group.

We had originally scheduled this workshop for about a month ago, but we had to cancel, because of snow. When we went to reschedule, the instructor was planning to be golfing, and many of the ladies were sure they would be gardening. I told them all that I had ordered a morning of rain, clearing by about 2 in the afternoon. Surprise, that was exactly the weather we had today.

So, we spend a cool, rainy morning, making cathedral windows, two ways.

This was the instructor's sample.
The project is a thread catcher, with a weighted pin cushion.

I took some pictures of the pin cushions, during coffee break.

It is amazing how different everyone's fabric is.

By the end of the class, everybody had a nearly completed project, with just a small amount of sewing left to be done.

Of course, mine was brighter than the others.
And, of course, it had a touch of purple!

Thanks, Lynda, for a really fun morning!


  1. Purple is beautiful, lovely Cathedral Windows. Greetings from Jean

  2. Looks like a fun class - I love Cathedral Windows. Since you are so magical, can you order our bees some sunshine please? :)

  3. You know I like the bright colours! (They're all pretty though.)

  4. Cute! And I agree -- a lovely way to spend the rainy part of a day!

  5. So pretty! And purple is a must! :)

  6. I just love your colours, they give a face lift to this block!