Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dear True Love

Dear True Love Socks:

It's not you, it's me.

Our relationship got off to a rocky start. First, I did the toe with the wrong sized needles, and had to do it over. After I got started, things seemed to go smoothly.

You became my mindful knitting project, something that I needed to think about, not just knit away on blindly. You taught me some new things. I learned "Judy's Magic Cast On". I started doing my cables without a cable needle. I used 2 circular needles, instead of 5 dpn's. I watched youtube videos, when the instructions for the heel weren't completely clear to me.

I finally finished the heel and started the leg. I have been looking at you, thinking that you don't look like my foot. Since I bought this yarn to make socks for me, I thought they should look like my foot. So today, I tried you on.

You are much too wide for my foot. My dainty little foot just swims in this sock. I checked the tension before I started, and it was dead on, so I guess it just wasn't meant to be.

So I think it is time we said good bye. I am going to frog you this afternoon (that sounds gentler than rip out). Perhaps, someday, I will alter the pattern, or make socks for someone with a foot  your shape. But, for now, it is good bye. And really, it isn't you, it's me.

Love, Kate

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  1. Nah. I think it's the sock. Pretty motif though. Pretty yarn.