Thursday, November 20, 2014

I'm Not Ready!

No matter how many times it happens, winter still arrives before I am ready. This year, I've had my snow tires on for over a month, before the snow came on Monday, but my boots were no where to be found. Most people around here have the opposite problem. Of course, it is kind of understandable. Last week it was +10C (59F) and yesterday it was -10C (14F). Now the boots have been found, and the weather is expected to go back to the plus side on the weekend, so I won't need them for another week or so.

All this does, is remind me that Christmas is on the way. So I finished the socks.

They match! This is always good, although I must try to make a pair that are not suppose to match.

I pieced my table runner.

I ended up making it one strip longer, so now it is runner length instead of placemat length. The length of these runner is, of course, determined by the width of the stripe in the print.

Next up, some quilting!

Sometimes, things don't come out quite the way you envision. I found a pattern for a cowl, covered with celtic knots. I was asked for something in blues or purple. I had some yarn in that range. so I cast one and went to work.

After about 8 rows, I realized that the pattern was lost in the variegation of the yarn. However, I really liked the wool, so I am on to plan B.

This will be a scarf and the pattern plays on the variegation to give texture to the work. I am liking this much better. Now I need to find a yarn to make the cowl in.


  1. Gram used to say:Time and tide wait for no man. (and neither does snow :)

  2. I think you definitely need snow boots now, how much has fallen at your place? the wool, blues and purples, lovely soft shades, I'm sure it will knit up beautifully. Jean.

  3. I LOVE the socks!! What yarn is it?

  4. Love those socks! and the other yarn is interesting too, isn't it. What an intriguing runner idea - looking at it, I can see how it works. You certainly wouldn't need your snow boots if you were here, just bare feet.

  5. The socks turned out to be gorgeous. Shame they will be hidden beneath pants.
    Looking forward to seeing how the scarf turns out. I love using the variegated yarns, but they do beg for simpler patterns to show of their colours.

    Thanks for linking up with Needlework tuesday.