Tuesday, November 11, 2014

'Tis the Season

First off: for everyone who wonders how I could foster 142 cats and kittens to date, check out this video.
Kitten Therapy

Now, back to my week.  It is time to start on some Christmas gifts. If you are on my list, close your eyes.

A friend came over, yesterday, and we cut out a couple more table runners. Here is mine, with some assembly still required. I may add another piece to the centre, since it is only about 24" long.

I started a new pair of socks and they are coming nicely.

So far, they are pretty much identical. It is always a challenge to see how close to the same I can make the self striping yarn socks. These are a rather masculine Knit 6 Purl 2 rib.

And in my spare time, I have been playing puppy games with Doug.

Such a sweet boy, it is a wonder I get anything done.


  1. I can see the kitten therapy will be so popular, and cats or kittens , they are the best companion ever. Lovely socks, runner, and of course Doug. Keep warm, Jean.

  2. What a wonderful video! Love the colour of the sock yarn, and that's a pretty nifty runner - looks like great fun to make. Doug looks like a fun little guy!

  3. On a dreary grey day kitten therapy really hit the spot. Love that Doug too!

  4. Nothing compares to kitten therapy! Love your runner, and those socks are gorgeous!

  5. I like the runner and the socks, but if I'm on your list......I want DOUG!!

  6. the table runner is going to be stunning.

    Do you find that the 6x2 ribbing is enough to help the socks stay up? I made some for hubby but didn't rib the leg and he says they slouch too much. I plan to rib the legs on the next pair, but have to determine whether 4x2 or 6x2.

    thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday.