Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Eastern Beauty

It is finished! I saw this kit on Karen Neary's blog,  on March 13, 2013. I accidentally clicked the Buy Now button, and received the kit about a week later. I took it to retreat with me, the end of April, and finished the top in the time I was there. I even cut the binding, so I didn't forget what it was for, and use it for something else. I came home, and promptly got distracted by all the other wonderful things there are to make. (squirrel!)

Last week, I took it out, found the perfect backing fabric, IN MY STASH, and went to work.

Perfect Backing
In four days I had it quilted, trimmed and bound. What had I  been waiting for?

It looks good on my table.
The centre is quilted with Aurafil gold metallic thread, because it wasn't gold enough, and the circles are quilted with a variegated rayon thread that just happened to have all the colours in it, and was conveniently in my drawer of pretty threads. My free motion skills were not up to this, so I did some echo quilting with my walking foot.

It was worth the wait, but I feel foolish about how long it took.

I have Karen's lovely new book, and I have picked a project from it, for this retreat. My retreat buddies have challenged me to make it from stash fabric, and I am up to the challenge.

Okay, some Kitty silliness, for the cat fans.

It would be a lot easier to get at the chicken if the two legged ones didn't leave the mashed potatoes in the way!


  1. Lovely quilted finish, super colours, and the binding is a finish that makes it truly wonderful. Pity about the chicken, maybe a separate dish would help.

  2. It's beautiful, Kate. I am laughing at the "accidentally" clicked the Buy It Now button (does that work as an excuse??) Your quilting looks lovely.
    So which project did you choose from the book? I have a guess.

  3. Kate, that's lovely! Your backing is definitely the finishing touch too. The hide of you, putting mashed potatoes in the way of the chicken......don't you know that a kitty has to eat? *grin*

  4. It turned out great. You must use some great gold thread.

  5. It's beautiful, Kate!! And artfully shot, so the quilting shows up very well. Poor Gaston. Cassie says he shouldn't let a little mashed potato get in his way.

  6. Great job on the table topper...Karen has unique patterns