Monday, March 23, 2015

The Calendar Says Spring

Sadly, spring is actually fashionably late. Yesterday it was -13C when I went out at 10AM. It is slightly better today, but still cold.

So, because I am impatient, I stuck my feet in my high boots and tramped out to my forsythia bush.

See the snow in the yard. The forsythia says it is ready for spring. You know, you never notice how messy your counters are until you take a picture in the kitchen.

Meanwhile, I finished the body of my baby blanket, and now I am onto the knitted on border.

I wasn't sure I liked it when I started, but it is growing on me. I need to get it finished, because there is another mystery shawl starting from Fiddle Knits.

I am going to do mine in the grey, but on earlier ones of hers, I have had to buy extra yarn. since the border can be a second colour, I think this blue will work nicely.

I made a pillowcase dress. Our children's program at the church is sending them to Africa. The fabric and trims were selected by one of our children, and put into a kit. I am not responsible for the colour choices.

It still needs to be hemmed and given a good press. The directions were rather confusing, so I just did my own thing. Here is the top.

I have another kit to finish. I wonder what I will find in it.


  1. Forsythia is very pretty - I have never seen it, our climate here isn't cold enough for it to grow. The baby who gets that lovely blanket will be a lucky little kid! Some members of my sewing guild are making those little dresses, member really loves making them.

  2. Yellow and gold is a bright sign, surely that snow will go soon, Baby blanket made with love, and a new shawl, softest grey is so nice.

  3. "I am not responsible for the color choices" LOL :)

  4. That dress looks great for spring!

  5. That dress looks great for spring!