Saturday, June 6, 2015

Down to "Earth"

My shawl, "Earth", is finally finished and blocked.

It is large enough that it is hard to get the whole shawl in one picture.

The branches look lovely.

The lace blocked out beautifully.

It took about a bazillion pins to block it.
Because my hands can't be idle, I started another shawl, Eyre of Romance Jane Shawl.

I am getting lots of practice at German Short Rows.

I also started a little scarf, with Cat's Paw Lace.

I used a slightly different technique to make each of these 4 paws, to decide which I liked best. I chose paw # 4.


  1. Oh, wow......your shawl is beautiful! The pattern is very interesting. I'm sure Jane Eyre would have loved a warm shawl to keep her warm on her rambles over the moors too. Cat's Paw lace is a pretty stitch, I like eyelet patterns.

  2. Gorgeous shawl, the next one looking so good, and cat's paws, so fitting for a foster kitten to snuggle into.

  3. I have 2 shawls made, a third on the sticks, and another in waiting. Such an easy way to use beautiful yarn without breaking the bank. I love GSRs--I greatly dislike wraps and turns, so I was so glad this became a thing. Fewer swear words gush forth from my mouth :)

  4. Very pretty shawl!! I like the leafy sprigs. And a good job on the blocking. I imagine it was a lot of work to pin out. Now that you know which cat's paw you like, will you re-start? or just go on with the winner?