Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My Bag Workshop

When one is teaching it is difficult to remember to take pictures. I had 8 people making the Open Wide Zipper Pouch.  I managed to remember to take pictures of a few of finishes.

My yoga dogs are now a bag.

The first two finishes, by Pat and Ruth.

How did I miss getting some of this fabric? Sheila's bag was very cute.

I missed getting a picture of Corina's bag. It was her first attempt at something like this. I think we may have her hooked!

Yesterday, I finished a pair of baby socks, to go with the bear hat. However, I didn't get a picture and they have already gone to their expectant grandma. since my needles were empty, I dove into my sock yarn stash and came up with some yarn that I bought quite awhile ago, because it remineded me of  Dolly. Dolly is a Tricolour Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. Here she is helping me knit.

Here is the sock.
It is Regia Extra Twist Merino, a lovely yarn, they, of course, no longer make. The sock pattern is a modification of the Simple SKYP Sock.The pattern uses a slightly heavier yarn so I am using the men's size medium to make lady/narrow man's sock. Haven't decided who they are for yet. Best part is, the dog hair won't show!


  1. The fabric, is it called " kitties in the Tulips", yes, you would really like that one, maybe some is still for sale, or is Sheila donating just a small quarter to you?

  2. I love your "open wide" zipped bag pattern, Kate. Looks like your students did a wonderful job!

  3. The kittie fabric is very cute - it would have been hard to resist! Yoga Dogs looks great made into a bag, too. Yes, your socks definitely match Dolly. Interesting - did you know that Australian Shepherd dogs have no connection at all to Australia?

  4. Oh, now I see why it's called Open Wide. Looks like a very useful bag. Dolly's a good helper.