Saturday, July 4, 2015

An Alien Invasion

Mowgli returned to the shelter, today, so he could find his forever family.

So now we have a new set of fun.

It is hard to see but there are 5 of them. We have been joking about counting the legs and dividing by 4. Here's a closer view:

Girl 1
Girl 2
Girl 3

Boy 1

And Boy 2 with one of the girls

I think that might be Girl 1.

They don't have names yet. I have asked some young friends of mine to help. I am open to any and all suggestions.

Just in case you think getting the pictures were easy, I took 65 pictures to get these. Most look like this.
I think all 5 are actually in that shot.
And they think Doug is some kind of big toy.

They are 6 weeks old and they weigh about 700 gms. or 1.5 lbs.

With this kindle, we have now fostered 149 cats and kittens. We are still having fun!
(Kindle is the collective noun for kittens, related or not.)

Girl 1 is Tilley
Girl 2 is Rorey
Girl 3 is Birdie
Boy 1 is Charlie.
Boy 2 is Will.


  1. Oh dear, and our "kindle" was just one little ball or ginger fluff!!! 670gms, after 2 big feeds, and now is 2110 gms, after 8 weeks here, Toilet trained himself after a few mishaps. I can just imagine 5 at once. you are a gem of the highest order, 24 carat gold, and nothing less. Enjoy the fun, and photos, I too took so many to get even a few without too much BLUR. Hugs from another kitten lover. Maybe with only one kitten, we have a " Mini-kindle"

  2. Holey moley, Kate! What a whirlwind of energy! Love the photos!! Love that I've learned a new word. But......poor old Doug. Can't help feeling a bit sorry for him.

  3. Dear Kate

    This is the kind of alien invasion we like. My son suggest, Birdie for one of the girls? They all look so cute. I cannot even drop in to come and play with them.

    PS: Have they discovered your yarn collection yet?

  4. What huge hearts you and your family have! I love the kitty antics. I have two but they are old "men" ;).