Thursday, July 23, 2015

Purse Kitten

Lady GaGa's French Bulldog, Miss Asia Kinney, has a modelling job as the new face of Coach Pups. You can check out her picture on the Coach website.

Tillie decided that she was the perfect spokes model for Arts and Socks bags, so here are some pictures of her recent photo shoot.

A little too dark, Tillie.

You can see more of the purse, but maybe not the best angle.

Better, but now you can't see Tillie.

Perfect, I think that qualifies as the money shot!

Every day is a silly day, with a house full of kittens.


  1. Dear Kate

    How did the cat get herself into your bag? Love the way she uses the grommit as a paw rest.

  2. Beautiful, our Boris has a cat tunnel, and has so much fun in it ,Wee Tillie is a beauty, and fits the bag perfectly.

  3. Tilly, you are a gorgeous little kitty......and you should have a big future as a model!

  4. Thanks for my daily dose of silly. Some day you'll be out and about, and reach into your bag for your wallet, and .......!