Saturday, January 2, 2016

Looking Back (And Forward?)

Last year I did a summary of my "arts and socks", and I liked taking an accounting. Some days, it feels like you are not getting anything finished, projects just seem to drag. So as a bit of boasting on my part, these are my completed projects for 2015.


I spent less time on shawls this year, although I had an afghan that took 3 months to complete and consumed nearly all my knitting time.
Hats - 7
Shawls - 2
Afghan - 1
Adult Socks - 4
Baby Socks - 3

Since there are 2 socks in each finish, not a bad total.

I also published my first pattern on Ravelry. (see the sidebar) As of today, it has been viewed 625 times, and one person even put up a picture of her finished hat.

Sewing and Quilting

 My most memorial finish of this year was my bag made from cat treat bags.

Project Bags - 9
Clutch Bags - 3
Toes or Purses - 4
Electronics Cases - 3
Pillowcases - 6
Table Topper - 1
Wall Hanging - 1
Quilt - 1
For the church - Pillowcase Dresses - 2, Table Clothes - 14, Christmas Tree Skirt - 1

I did some excellent stash busting. I used up about 35 of my fat quarters, and some of my yardage. I didn't bring in anywhere near as much as I sent out finished (although it is hard to tell). I have gotten my sewing room a bit more organized, it is getting easier to find things.

We have also fostered 14 cats, from Gaston, to the Celtic three we currently have.

It is time to turn the page in my journal, and start again with a new set of finishes. I have some UFO's I need to either finish or re-purpose. I want to continue stash busting, both my yarn and my fabric. I don't intend to use only stash, but I am going look for something suitable in my stash, before I buy more.

I joined the Bag of the Month Club. You get six patterns, that are exclusive to club members, over the next six months.

This is the first pattern, by Betz White. I think I need some interfacing, but I am pretty sure I can find a lot of the rest in my stash. The new year deserves a new bag, right!


  1. Every thing we finish, with what we have already, is a triumph! Well done. Hope I get to have that many finishes in one year. Looking forward to all your new bags, The first one looks just what I need. Have to keep it light, only pack the essentials in it. Purple is fast becoming a favourite colour of mine, never thought I would say that!

  2. You should be proud of that list. It's pretty impressive!