Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Murse

Murse: a man's designer bag, to hold a laptop and other man supplies, such as bongs, pipes and firearms. (Urban Dictionary)

Remember the jeans, that became denim fabric, earlier this week.

They have become a "murse".

My husband walks dogs, both our two, and two who live down the street.  In the winter he carries all his essentials, like keys, phone, dog bags, and training treats in the many pockets of his jacket. He wanted a collection of pockets to carry his stuff, now the good weather is here. So the well-loved jeans became a "murse".  Both sides have one back pocket from the jeans. He can put his phone in one, and his keys in the other. The middle will hold doggie stuff.  I have offset the strap attachment, because he wants to carry it across his body with the pocket at his back, out of the way of the leashes. The offset will help it stay there while he is walking and make it easier to get into, when he wants to take a picture, or needs a baggie. The little tote is about 9" x 10".

I don't think it will be carrying any firearms!


  1. That's a fun new word for me!! Lovely bag, Hugh needs one for his iPad, and doesn't want anything too feminine either. I have some grey woollen fabric that might do, and the offset strap is a winner. Keep cool up there, and you are right... no firearms to be seem.

  2. Good idea! No bongs either? I think you're onto a winner here.

  3. interesting word. you can't have too many pockets specially when dog walking.
    Thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday.

  4. Bongs and pipes?? Ed??? You DO surprise me, Kate! :)

  5. What a creative way to update a pair of jeans!

  6. Great design, Kate! (Hilarious definition!) Perhaps I need to make a murse for my honey...

    Thanks for posting to TN&TN's WIP Wednesday!

  7. Love it! Cool dudes carry murses! No firearms, indeed.