Monday, August 22, 2016

A Bag of Bags

My Quilt group met this morning, and I took this for show and tell.

It is a bag full of bags, that I completed in the past week.

The outer bag is Gabby. It was the April pattern for the Bag of the Month Pattern Club. The others were impressed by the binding around the outer zipper pocket. Of course, it is caused by the stabilizer being too thick to fold the facing all the way into the opening, so I tried to keep it even all the way around. It worked really well. The stabilizer in this bag is "Stiff Stuff" by Sew Lazy Girl.  You can find the Gabby Bag Pattern, here.

The other side of the bag is plain. The front will be determined by the user. More by luck then anything, all the zippers are going the same way. I never seem to think of that until the bag is finished. The zipper pull says "Handmade" on it.  I got it here.

I think a bag needs lots of pockets, so this bag has them.

A zippered pocket is on the inside as well.

Of course, some little cats jumped into the bag to become the slip pockets.

As I was finishing this bag, it was promptly claimed by a dear one, so it will be off to BC this week.

I was in the mood to play a bit, and there was a fat eighth sitting on my cutting table.

This is a mash up of Noodlehead Wide Open Zipper Pouch, and the Sweetpea Pod. I think it will be perfect for all the pens, point turners, and other stuff I take with me to retreat. I now have a half of a hot pink zipper, that I will have to play with.


  1. Gabby looks like a very useful bag! She (I am assuming it's a she) has already proven that she can carry stuff.

  2. Don't you love when "oopsies" become design features and people think you did it that way on purpose?
    Love the hot pink bag!

  3. Wow! Gorgeous. And very professional looking.

  4. Beautiful bag of bags. I especially like Noodlehead/Pod. Your workmanship is lovely. And, your zippers! What a find! Thank you for sharing your source.

    Thanks for posting to The Needle and Thread Network's WIP Wednesday!

  5. beautiful and so professional looking. i find that the details do make all the difference such as a good zipper.

    Thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday. It's always a pleasure to see what you've been up to.