Sunday, August 7, 2016

Still Ad Free

I started my blog in 2012, to share my love of arts and socks, and show a few things that are happening in my life. Over the last 4 years, I have enjoyed sharing my pictures with others, creating a couple of knitting patterns, and meeting people from all over the world, through the comments.

I also enjoy reading other peoples' blogs. I always learn something, either about art or about the blogger. Recently I came across a blog, full of good ideas, advice and lovely projects. Sadly, the blog was also so stuffed with ads that I couldn't read it. It kept crashing my browser.

I understand that a blogger might like to receive a bit of money to finance their fabric and supplies, and I applaud bloggers who have a big enough following to make it pay, but there were just so many ads on this blog, that it was almost impossible to find the content. Ads were between every couple of paragraphs.

So, I will be keeping my blog ad free. I don't want the ads to detract from the content. I will also not be returning to the ad-heavy blog. I will continue to visit blogs that have ads, as long as they are static ads, not ones with moving pictures.

Meanwhile, in my ad free world, I have 3 new visitors.

They are 6 week old boys, and I think they have cornered the cuteness market! No names yet. They will come to us.

I started a new shawl, this week, because I don't have enough knitting projects on the go.

This one is called Gondola, and it is a free Knit Along until the end of August.

It is a small shawl, I expect it will make a nice fall scarf. there will be beads in the border. I think I will use silver lined clear ones.

I was also asked to make another Princess Charlotte bonnet.
I need to get this finished, because I think it is wanted for a baby shower, later this week.


  1. Kate, I am with you on those ads......they are very distracting, and while we're on the subject I find blogs with black backgrounds so difficult to read that I have given up trying. Your new little visitors are the cutest little guys, I like the middle one but it would be hard to choose, let me tell you! I'm having enough trouble with Dragonfly Wings, I won't be attempting another like it ever again. Ever. Never.

  2. Ugh, the ads. Especially the sound and video ones! Really commercial-looking blogs annoy me, so I stay away too.

  3. The boys are just adorable!!! Will you be keeping them? I had a somewhat similar experience with a blog today. There were ads at every paragraph and two pop-up boxes that I could not get beyond without either liking, sharing, etc. Never could find a way to bypass or make go away, so I just exited and won't go back. It looked like interesting content but the way things appeared made it annoying. Love your blog and all you share.

  4. Oh yes, definitely extremely cute - I am such a sucker for kittens! I absolutely agree with you about ads on blogs - fortunately I have not come across any like you describe and like you, if I did, I would not be returning. Pretty shawl. xx

  5. I'm with you on the ads. I find it especially creepy when the ads are for things I've just googled. Someone's watching! :) Cutey pie kittens!!

  6. Thanks for staying ad-free. Love those little kittens!

  7. I've pondered ads but they are bothersome on others blogs, so I'm ad free. Besides, what would I do with the $.4.57 I'd make in a year.