Saturday, December 31, 2016

Another Year Over

For the past few years, I have tried to compile a list of my finishes at the end of the year. It is a really good feeling to see what has been done, especially after it feels like I haven't managed to get anything finished.

First up, this week's finish (which is also this week's start).

I was told on Thursday that my sweet baby boy had outgrown his new born socks, so I made him a pair in size 6 months. Kate Atherley's wonderful baby sock pattern is my favourite. I realized that the six month size has all the numbers for an adult man's sock exactly halved. Meanwhile, his mommy says he needs more warm socks, so I will be reducing my ball ends.

This year, I tried very hard to shop my stash first. I am pleasantly surprised at all the diverse fabrics I found that actually went together.  My stash is going down and I am finding some treasures I had forgotten I had. I also learned that as I continue to explore bag making, I need to buy pieces that are at least 1 metre. I must resist those very tempting fat quarters, because they are only big enough to make the pockets of a normal handbag.

My Sewing Finishes

15 Tea Wallets (all sold at the church bazaar for $5 each)
10 Handbags or Totes
8 Sweet Pea Pods
4 Other Zippered bags
1 Pixie Basket
1 Christmas Stocking
4 Bibs
6 Receiving Blankets
1 Baby Quilt

My Knitting Finishes

4 Shawls
3 pairs of Baby Socks
3 pairs of Adult Socks
2 Baby Sweaters
4 Baby Hats
1 Adult Hat
1 Pair of Fingerless Mitts

As well, we fostered 16 cats of assorted ages, before sending them on to their future.

I have seen lots of people posting their goals for 2017. I must admit I spent many years working as the person responsible for sorting out crises. I tend to work in "interrupt mode" most of the time, so my goals are much more fluid.

I plan to continue to shop my stash first, both in sewing and in knitting. I will work on projects that delight me. Whenever possible, I will sew for 30 minutes, everyday. I will resist Fat Quarters. That last one is probably going to be broken!

Meanwhile, I will continue to work away on my Advent scarf.

Only 19 more clues of 30 rows to knit!


  1. Lovely socks, is that special grass for the kittens? and what a list of finishes. I,too, am trying to use up all the odd pieces of fabric, or to cut them into good width strips. Have a wonderful 2017, with more fosters, and more knitting for little ones.

  2. All the finishes inspire us to get to the finish line on all the other projects. You put to us all the take twenty challenge, it has pushed quite a few UFO's to the finish line, for that I Thank you! Doing a little bit every day, works. Love those baby socks.

  3. A very respectable list of accomplishments for 2016, Kate! I can't believe little Jett has already outgrown his socks!! How come they can't stay tiny forever?

  4. That's a long list, considering that its knitting! And socks, too. You should get 2 ticks for each pair!

  5. looks like you had a successful year. I didn't realize you'd had so many kittys through your house during the year.

    Thanks for joining me for Needlework Tuesday. I have enjoyed each of my visits with you .