Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas 2016

There was very little  shopping here this year. Unexpected circumstances hit all of us, so we decided that it would be very low key. Gifts were almost entirely consumables. However, everyone was happy, safe and warm, so that was all that mattered.

The tree did get decorated.

Lots of kitten and baby friendly decorations, mostly stuffies, filled the branches.

Because it was "Jett's" first Christmas, I made him a stocking.

I used Lindsay Sands Holly Jolly Stocking pattern. It is free if you subscribe to her newsletter.

The stocking is a nice size and goes together easily. The hardest part of the project was making the label.

This took almost as long as the rest of the stocking.

Food, chocolates, and family made up most of our celebrations.  Of course, naps by the fire were a highlight.

Early in the week I send gifts to distant loved ones. Ahead of me in the postal line was a lady who wanted Christmas stamps. She told the counter clerk that she didn't want "religious ones". When told that that was all that was left, she explained that she didn't have anything against them, but she didn't want to offend the recipients. Odd, I thought. In my stack of parcels, I had this.

In Canada, stamps never expire and you can use them for their face value. I have a stash of stamps from years past, so I just added up some to make enough for this envelope at 2016 rates. I think the stamps are from 2001. I am pretty sure the recipient wasn't the least bit offended, if the stamps were even noticed.  I know the gift was greatly appreciated.

May your Christmas be full of food, chocolate and naps by the fire.


  1. Greetings Kate. Our Christmas was very different too, the first time to be in hospital for Christmas morning, ,Home looked so good. We didn't have a tree or a bauble, but looking at yours, it is so beautiful. The sock, a treasure, and stamps, I always look at them and collect them, from when I was very young. So glad your gift was so appreciated. I see Ontario weather is bad, freezing rain, roads closed, stay safe and warm.

  2. Wow, I can honestly say I don't think I've ever paid attention to the stamp. And if I did, it certainly wouldn't matter to me.
    Merry belated Christmas to you! I got a beautiful book on yarn that I'm halfway through--I guess you know you're a knitting nerd when you find scales on wool fascinating and want to educate those around you, haha :)

  3. The stamps might be from years past, they will be treasured. What was even more heartfelt, was the unexpected gift in the main. Spending time making something special is even more precious. Getting time with loved ones far out weight anything else. Love the stocking, it has birds on them. The label will be enjoyed years from now, touch and rubbed at Christmas time until it breaks all soft in patches! A treasure made with love.....

  4. Love the photo of Doug snoozing with the kitty!