Monday, January 30, 2017


Last Friday, there was a discussion around the quilt frame about washing fabric. I suggested that it is always a good idea to wash fabrics with intense colours.

I usually try to wash my fabric as soon as it comes in the door, these days. However, when I first started my fabric collection, I was not so careful.

I finished my bag front yesterday, and this morning was looking for something to use for the back of the bag.

Since I used royal blue for the border on the front, I wanted some more royal blue.

I came up with a batik fat quarter in the same royal blue. However, it obviously hadn't been washed, so I threw it in a sink of hot water.

This is what happened as soon as I dropped it in. The water is a great match for the fabric on the front. I think I may need to rinse this, a few more times to get all the excess dye out. I will then iron it dry to heat set the colour.

So for those that asked, I always wash my fabric.


  1. Well that's a great case there for pre-washing (which I never do because I'm lazy).

  2. When I was blue batiks, sometimes the water turns a dark purple shade. but mostly there is no bleeding with greens or yellows, some reds do, and I rinse so many times. The bag is looking great, just the right size for a wee kitty to hide in.

  3. Batiks are notorious for running, but having said that I don't pre-wash these days......used to, though. Just becoming lazy in my old age, I guess!

  4. I had a nightmare experience at Christmas with a commission. The client said she had washed the fabric that she provided. I ALWAYS wash a quilt before I bind it. We don't want any "cupping" now do we. Well the fabric that she had washed ran some more. It was a really intensely colored jungle print. It looked pretty muddy after that wash.

  5. What bag are you making? I am a firm believer of washing my fabrics. No surprises for later!

  6. Me, too! Once, a long time ago, I bought a green print that never did stop running, even after rinsing it multiple times. :( Fortunately, that doesn't seem to happen all that often. I like your fabric choices for your bag.