Sunday, January 29, 2017

Looking for Some Brightness

The weather person tells me that winter is about half over, but it has been a very gloomy week. On the up side, it is light until nearly 5 PM now. I was looking for something to brighten my blog.

First up, my indoor plants have decided it is spring.

The amaryllis is blooming in the kitchen.

The azalea that lives in the sunroom all summer, is now blooming in the dining room. I have had this plant for about 15 years and I can't believe it still loves me enough to flower. You can see the snow behind it in the backyard.

A gerbera, that we found still alive in an outdoor planter after a significant frost, decided to brighten our lives, this week, too. It isn't even in a pot, just stuck in a convenient takeout tray.

Of course, there is this little day brightener.

Since she thought she should wake me up this morning, I thought I would wake her up to take her picture while the light is passable. She is making sure I wash those aprons before I use them again.

I am teaching a class on making a tote bag, and have been less then successful at getting my sample made and my supply list done. It must be done this week. I did make a block for the front of the tote.

Nice and bright! It was kind of an improv block using some scraps I liked. Now I need to find the rest of the fabric.

I was auditioning these fabrics, and I am not sure any of them work. Odd that with those fabrics, the hot pink looks coral. I will pull more fabric. I am determined to buy nothing!

Meanwhile, I am still working on my Advent scarf, that I started in November.

Only about 366 rows to go!


  1. Your amaryllis is spectacular!My friend has one the same color, that is FOUR FEET tall with 8 blossoms on two stalks. She puts it outdoors in the spring when frost is past. My three are all half dead. I hope to put them outdoors and hopefully they will come back.

  2. Flowers indoors, lovely. And dark at 5 p.m. Our family in BC, tell me it's dark at 5 p.m. too!!! They leave to go to Kamloops tomorrow and fly home Friday, hop over Saturday somewhere mid-ocean and arrive in New Zealand Sunday Morning!!! Snow galore and a truly wonderful holiday!!!Trusting beautiful eyes, and lovely greys there, My pick for today, naturally.

  3. Gorgeous bright blooms, a little foretaste of spring for you! I like your day brightener, she is very cute even if she doesn't look ~quite~ awake. Love those cat fabrics, and your Advent scarf is amazing.

  4. You must have a very green thumb!! Your amaryllis is lovely. Ours have barely begun to put up their green shoots. They'll get there, but just on their own schedule.

  5. I wish my houseplants looked as nice as yours. Mine all suffer during the winter months. Not enough light and occasionally I forget to water them. I'm sure they'll really start to perk up now that the days are getting longer.

    I'm sure you'll find just the right fabric for your tote.

    Is the pattern for the advent scarf available online? It's gorgeous!

  6. Your flowers are so cheerful. That scarf is gorgeous. Great choice in wool colours.

    Thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday.