Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Did Someone Say Snow?

From Sunday morning until Monday, we got 28 cm of snow. That was not as much as they got on the East Coast, but still, a lot.

This morning we got up just as a "snow squall" was beginning.

We got 10 cm of snow in about 90 minutes. It was the light fluffy kind, just right for snow angels.

On days like this, we all wonder why we even get out of our nice warm beds.

My twenty minutes of sewing pledge took a bit of a hit, this weekend. I caught a cold, and decided that colds were more suited to knitting than sewing. So, I started a pair of socks and a pair of mittens. No picture, because I don't have a lot of progress on either.

However, today, I got back into the groove.

I continued working on my tree skirt, on the Singer 15-91.

It isn't my finest work, as I get used to using the machine, but it passes the three foot rule, so, since the final destination is on the floor, under the Christmas Tree, I am sure it will be fine, and a good piece to practice on. The old Singer is a joy to work with. It runs really smoothly (thanks to the expert cleaning it got last winter), and it doesn't even notice when it crosses a seam. A few more days, and it will be ready for binding.

Last spring, I finished knitting my Eyre of Romance Jane Shawl.

It has been sitting here, since. I knit it as a way to improve my short row knitting. I didn't really have any idea what I would do with it next. The Lyndhurst Feral Cat Project is having a fundraising auction, on Facebook. I have decided to donate the shawl to them. So, today, I finally blocked the shawl.

It will head off to Lyndhurst, hopefully tomorrow, via Canada Post.  The shawl is a Merino and Cashmere blend, lovely and soft, just the thing for reading Charlotte Bronte, by the fire. If you are interested in the shawl, or any of the other lovely artisan offerings they will have, be sure to follow them on Facebook.


  1. Lots of snow, and knitting is just the thing for that sort of day. A beautiful shawl, and for that so worthwhile project.

  2. That will be a lovely warm shawl, just the think to keep warm on a snowy day! I'm sure its new owner will get a lot of use from it. You have a three foot rule? We use the ten foot rule, here. I can't see any mistakes from my house, so your tree skirt will be just fine. Don't forget that snow you promised to send......

  3. Wow. What a gift. It's gorgeous! My MIL gave me an old Singer 301 last year. It has beautiful stitches and the coolest attachments - if you are into heirloom sewing.

  4. That's what I need to do--a daily sewing pledge. Knitting is easy as it's my TV activity, but lately I've been not feeling much like sewing. But I find in small increments I get so much done. Of course, by that same token, I suppose if I'm going to pledge time to sewing I should do it for exercise, too, but I don't want to get out of control :)

  5. Ugggg...snow. It's not fun getting that much at once.

    The shawl is lovely. I adore knitting short rows.

  6. we managed to escape with a light dusting last night instead of what was forecast. Still makes me want to stay inside and cuddle.

    Lovely shawl, and very kind of you to donate it to such a worthy cause.

    Thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday.

  7. Beautiful shawl!! And so kind of you to donate it for the online auction, Kate. As you know, all the money is going to the Gananoque & District Humane Society, and we (Lyndhurst Feral Cat Project) really appreciate your help. As for the snow, you can keep it! :)

  8. Congratulations on taking the pledge! And for keeping it most of the month. A beautiful donation! Oh, and I have had it with winter!