Monday, August 7, 2017

Oh, Pshaw

I went to get my keys out of my bag the other day, and ended up with this in my hand.

Not good, at all. Some how or another, the stitching has come out at the end of my zipper, creating a problem.

I am not sure what caused it. I had noticed that the stitching was coming loose, but never when I had a needle at hand, and I would never remember when I did have a needle.

I had to unpick the seam in the bottom of the lining, so I could unpick the seam at the other end of the zipper, to put the zipper slide back on. Then, I closed the opening in the bottom, and hand sewed the zipper ends back together, since there isn't room to use the machine without taking the whole thing apart.

It doesn't look too bad. I can live with it. I suspect the zipper slide might have been catching the stitches, so I am being careful to close the zipper gently. While I had the bag apart, I added a fabric loop for a carabiner, to hang my keys on. I somehow forgot to do that when I made the bag.

Meanwhile, this week's other crafty project was renewing our high chair. Over the last many years, a multitude of small children have sat in the high chair, and the paint had become badly chipped while the vinyl cover was in tatters. No more!

It looks like new, now. It just took a can of spray paint, some upholstery vinyl, some heavy batting, and a staple gun. My grandson thinks it is great, and his parents are impressed.  I managed to get a shot when the floor wasn't covered with Cheerios!


  1. Highchairs have given many of us a chance to eat while our children exercise their independence by feeding themselves. Zippers can act up, when we least want them to. Your bag looks like new again!

  2. Hi Kate,
    Your braver than me. I can't do zippers, they drive me crazy trying to figure which way is which. Love the high chair. Great job putting to rights. Have a great day!

  3. High tech high chair! Never seen one like that before. Shame about the zip but you seem to have solved the problem. xx

  4. Great repairs. a Gal has to be handy in all sorts of ways.

    Thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday.