Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Knitting Adventures

My sewing machine is lonely, and I seem to be on a knitting bent right now.  I seem to keep skipping around, but things are getting finished.

Last week, I made another Charlotte Bonnet for a friend's new granddaughter.

I was surprised that grandfather was more pleased with it then grandmother. I guess the baby will be her grandpa's princess.

I have been carrying a sock around all summer. It has been to the west coast and back, to meetings, and waiting rooms. Today, I finally got the first sock finished.

I learned some time ago to never let the needles get cold before casting on the second sock, so the first 5 rows of the second sock are done. I am not trying to make them twins, because the repeat in the striping is rather long. These are for the Christmas box.

Every summer lately I have worked on a challenging knitting pattern. I think it helps improve my skills for simpler pieces. Last summer, I worked on Alberta.

Summer is nearly over, so I need to get at my challenge piece. This summer I have chosen 1001 Nights. 

These are the yarn and the beads I have pulled from my stash. I think I don't have enough beads, but I have enough to get started. The yarn is an alpaca lace weight. I have challenged my friend Cheryl to join me again this summer, and she has accepted the challenge. It is always fun to have someone to knit with, even if it is by email.

The rain has brought lots of flowers to the pots in the backyard.

These lovelies are about 4' high and give off a lovely send at dusk.


  1. Pretty flower! I love the blue yarn, your beads will set it off beautifully.....and those socks are great, so wild that it seems a shame to hide them inside shoes.

  2. Love that shade of blue, and what a design, very intricate. Flowers, a sock or two, and summer is winding downwards, Perfect time for more knitting.

  3. I love the sock yarn!! I like having fraternal sock--you know they go together but they still leave you with a feeling of "Wait, are they the same or not?" which is good for stepping out of the matching box.

    And that bonnet! I miss when people used to put things like this on babies. Now they try to dress them like tiny adults and you don't see them in sweet little bonnets very often.

  4. Hi Kate,
    Beautiful baby bonnet! Love the socks and the color is beautiful. I really like that blue yarn, waiting to see it worked up. What is the name of that flower, it's gorgeous. Have a great day!

  5. You forgot to mention how we wowed them in Smiths Falls last summer with our matching Albertas! Hope I can keep up with you, Kate.

  6. Love the socks & beautiful yarn! Your knitting tempts me to take it up again, but too much quilting to do...

  7. Busy bee! Love the socks, it is beautiful yarn.

  8. the idea of a challenge is fun. My sister and I have worked on some projects together and it's always fun to compare our progress and finished projects.

    Thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday.