Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Winter Cleaning

I have long heard about spring cleaning, but I think, when you live in a cold and snowy place, where you don't spend much time outside, January is when you notice that things need tidying. The more house bound I feel, the more I seem to try to create a more open space indoors, by sorting and tossing.

I also start planning what I will do with the stuff I turn up.

Yesterday, I started in on my "office". I sorted some new purse hardware into my drawers. I am embarrassed to say that I emptied my bag from quilt retreat, finally, and dealt with the stuff in the bag.  I washed some new fabric, and dreamed of what I could use it for. I laid out some combinations, and took pictures. would you like to see?

Some fabric I ordered, from an on line store, on boxing day, looks great, and I think it needs to become a bag.

A friend asked me to make her a Backgammon Bag.  She gave me some fabric for the points, from her stash. I was trying a couple of fabrics for the background.

Japanese fabrics with more Japanese fabric?

Japanese fabric with linen?

In monochrome.

I think I like the darker fabric. We will see what she says.

I also tried the linen with the cat fabric.

That has potential.

In knitting news, I finished another hat.

The pattern is called Expanding Rib Hat, and I knit this in the Men's size.  The yarn is Biscotte Griffon.


  1. That's what I need to do--winter clean. When I'm inside and around my stuff more I feel overwhelmed by it and start to sneer at it. I feel so much better when I clear out what I know I won't use.

  2. darker plain is my choice too. and tidying up? I have started, a very small part of what will end up being massive.

  3. So far, I haven't got the 'clean-up' bug. I almost wish it would bite me. I love the cat fabric! (Of course.)

  4. The linen with the cat fabric could definitely be a goer, in my book. I like the hat, he (whoever he is) would be easy to see in the snow with that atop his noggin.