Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Day Tripping

Yesterday, I took a little day trip to Almonte, ON. Almonte is a lovely little town with an artistic vibe.

I arrived home with some Fair Trade coffee, some strawberries, and some FABRIC!

I bought this, plus some beige to make a companion piece to the New Brunswick piece, that I made last summer.

Knitting fabric! How could I not buy a metre of each, to make knitting bags? I love both fabrics, they both make me smile.

I have actually been doing pretty well at shopping my stash. I have been keeping track of fabric in and out and I think I am currently 1.5 m over what I have used since I started tracking. With luck I will be even by next week.


  1. The knitting fabrics are great fun! Pretty sure I have some of the maple leaf fabric too. Haven't been to Almonte so I looked it up - it's quite a pretty town.

  2. Keep calm, carry yarn. That's funny. I have too much fabric in - mostly in the storeroom.

  3. Nice fabric! I wouldn't have the heart to calculate how much fabric's in my stash. Of course, since most of it's in small pieces, it would be pretty hard to quantify anyway. Looking forward to seeing those bags.

  4. Perfect for a knitting bag. Always good to see another fabric shop and find goodies.

  5. I want some knitting fabric! The plan is to make MYSELF a quilt, and seeing as knitting is my other passion.....

  6. Love Almonte! Those fabrics look like they came from Textile Traditions, my favourite quilt shop? Wish my stash busting was kept so accurately. I make up as much as possible from the stash, then only to the project receive additional fabric from a shop. It has been the best way to use up what is on hand. While it allows for those field trips and retreats.