Thursday, July 12, 2018


I saw this on Instagram, and decided I needed to make one.

I see Doug is not impressed.

The pattern is available on Craftsy. 

I used the wonderful knitting fabric I found in Almonte.

Back view of the sheep. I seem to have cut off the top of the bag. The casing is a scrap of batik from an earlier bag.  I need better rope for the closure, if I make more. I used clothesline, and it is a bit stiff and rough. Any suggestions on where I can get nice cord this thick? I added tabs to the end, like I do for zippers.

It looks about the right size for socks, a bit small for a shawl. The front pockets can hold tools, a phone or a snack.

It was hard to fussy cut the fabric, and get exactly what I wanted on the pocket, but this sums it up, I think.


  1. I like this! Especially the extra pockets on the outside. How clever!

  2. Great fabric, and a small size, very handy for bits and pieces .

  3. That looks like being a Very Useful Bag!