Wednesday, July 25, 2018

A River Runs Through

After a month with no significant rainfall, today, the sky has opened up.

There is a river, running through my backyard. It follows the path that Doug Dog has worn into the ground as he chases the squirrels along the top of the fence.

The river ends at scenic Hosta Lake.  In case you think I am crazy enough to step out in this, the pictures were taken through the dining room window. I am hiding in the house, with my coffee.

While standing in the dining room, I discovered that my Christmas Cactus is budding.

Silly thing has no idea when it is suppose to flower,

During the hot weather, I have, of course been knitting a winter cowl. It is small and doesn't sit in my lap.

This is my first project in Brioche knitting.  The pattern is Avoiding Exposure by Kate Atherly. It still needs blocking, which will hopefully make it a bit straighter. The only change I made to the pattern was a two-colour long tail cast on.

The yarn is worsted from Feisty Fibres, in colours Fierce and You Aren't The Boss Of Me, You Jerk. The kit was part of the "Tits Out Collective", more information here. some of the proceeds from the kit went to the Nipissing Transition House. If you would like a kit, you can get it here, but you have to buy it before the end of the month.


  1. Rain, proper lucky are you! Perhaps your Christmas cactus is going through a Christmas in July thing? That's an interesting pattern - Brioche knitting is a technique I haven't tried, it looks interesting.

  2. A river runs through your backyard? Haha, how cool, I thought. In Singapore the govt calls it ponding. Brioche knitting sounds interesting. Speaking of brioche, I haven't learnt to bake it yet.