Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Road Trip Preparations

A good sign that I don't go away very often, is how much preparation I put into getting ready for a weekend away.

I spent the morning trying to figure out why I couldn't manage to update the data on my geocaching GPS. Obviously it has been awhile since I went geocaching. I have it figured out now, and I WROTE IT DOWN for next time! I put the instructions in the bag with the GPS. Hopefully that will work.

I also made myself a new purse for the trip. I tried to take pictures, yesterday but it was kind of dull so they came out like this.

So, I tried again, this morning, while the sun was out.

Okay, much better.

A zipper pull that says "Handmade" from Emmaline Bags.

The strap is pieced, to avoid being boring black. I made it long enough to be a cross body strap.

The pattern is Clematis, from Blue Calla, with some serious alterations. I made it 120% larger, then added 2" to the height. I added two zipper pockets, one outside and one inside.

The hot pink lining really suits the bag.

A slip pocket, featuring dogs doing yoga, and a carabiner for my keys.

I also have some travel knitting ready.

Socks for someone, recipient will be determined later.

My garden has mixed opinions about the rain and heat.

The basil is loving it. Tomatoes, not so much.

Morning Glories, to match my bag, are climbing up everything they can reach.

Meanwhile, my little foster is thriving in the sunroom. He found a sunbeam this morning. It is warming his healing hip.


  1. Hello, gorgeous kitty......if we had a vacancy you could come and live here with us! Love the kitty bag, I'm off to check out the pattern, and the almost- matching socks. Morning glories are a weed here, because of our climate they grow all year round and don't stop until they have choked whole buildings.

  2. I hope you have a great weekend - I love the bag. xx

  3. That cat fabric is just the cutest!! Lovely bag. Glad the kitty is recovering, and doesn't need his collar anymore. Happy travels!!