Saturday, September 15, 2018


I am still recovering from my wild weekend in the East, and haven't done much sewing. However, I do have this accomplishment.

Cardinals are regular visitors to our yard, year round. Because they are big and red, it didn't take very long for the grandson to notice them coming to the feeder.

I bought this silly little bird for my grandson, about a year ago. It has a sound maker inside that sounds like a Cardinal. If you haven't heard a cardinal, they sound like this. Sorry, the video has an ad on the front of it.

On Thursday, it stopped singing. So, today I took my stitch ripper to the seam on the bird, and found the noise maker. Grandad fixed the broken wire, on the inside.

I tucked the box back in and was going to look for some red thread, when I realized that my little guy will be thrilled that his cardinal sings again, and not care about the stitching.

My stitching, now complete.The bird sings again, and the stitching looks pretty good.


  1. I hadn't heard a cardinal, so thank you for the link! We have seen them, though. No doubt birdie is very happy to be able to sing again.

  2. Lovely singing. The stitching,as long as he holds up to a few more years, all will be well.Our grandson was given a blue teddy from his other Nanna, and over time, had new suede paws, feet, several times, and more was stitched up too. Grand-daughter was given a lemon crochet blanket and a small one to match, and they, too, had a lot of repairs. To be loved and well worn is a good sign.

  3. That is amazing. When we love, how we can do anything. Go Super Grandma and Grandpa. You rock your grandbaby's world. Should make him very chipper.

  4. What a great cardinal! I've never seen a stuffed one like that. Glad he can sing again.

  5. I've never seen a cardinal. How wild was your weekend? p.s. you know you can install an ad blocker.