Thursday, November 22, 2018

A Craft Sale

For the first time, I participated in a craft fair for a local charity. A friend also participated and we had adjoining tables. My friend makes spa products and soap, so I tried to make a few things to compliment her items.

This was my table.

This was the spa product table. Her table was merchandised in a much fancier manner than mine.

I sold the lip balm holders, with her lip balm in each one.

I had mitten clips, which sold very well.

I had small round cases, for ear buds, or other small items. (They didn't sell)

Sweet Pea Pods, this is the only one left.

A Bendy Bag, which is also still in my possession.

I also had hair scrungies, and dog bandanas. I sold most of the hair scrungies, and none of the bandanas. I obviously should have had a dog to model them.

Our tables were modestly successful. We won't get rich this way, but it wasn't a loss either. I used up a bunch of fabric pieces, some zippers and most of my clips for mitten clips. We had fun talking to people, and meeting the other craftspeople.

If asked, we might even do it again.


  1. Craft fair... brings back memories. I would never have guessed the mitten clips would sell well. Of course we don't use them here. I see your display - you don't try to elevate anything. I usually put the tallest item at the back, centered so the eye gets drawn there. Craft display is a tricky thing. I know I struggled with it.

  2. I hate doing craft sales. You are clearly much better suited to them than I am! (Especially since you like to talk to people and I'm not so crazy about strangers. 😊) Strange that your ear bud cases didn't go. I like them. I think they'd be very useful.

  3. Always nice to meet new people at sales like this. I wonder why the little cases didn't sell as they look useful - sometimes people need to see things in use as they have no imagination lol! Anyway, good that you didn't make a loss and you have a few gifts all ready for Christmas. xx