Thursday, November 1, 2018

Lip Balm Holders

A friend makes her own spa products and I offered to make some lip balm holders for a craft sale she is doing this weekend.

I used this tutorial from Emmaline Bags.

The holders go together fairly quickly, and don't use much fabric. I did find the trickiest part was trying to make sure the lip balm fit when you are done. After some trial and error, I managed.

It is a really tight fit. I ended up using a "scant" 1/8" seam allowance.

I am amazed at how straight I managed to get it.

After you add Emmaline's fancy  key fob hardware, they look great.

I think there is a nice selection of fabrics. A little over 1/4 m gone from my stash!


  1. Lovely. What a fun craft fair treat this will be. I'm sure you'll move a lot more product this way.

  2. Nice! And the lip balm won't get lost in the bottom of your purse.