Monday, May 13, 2019

Spring and a Quilt Show

Spring seems to have arrived although the sun is still at a premium.

 The daffodils are outside, not in a pot on my counter.

A few tulips made an appearance for Mother's Day.

We planted this forsythia, not long after we moved into this house. over 25 years ago. It was beautiful with a lovely shape and it always bloomed right to the top. About 10 years ago, the city had to dig up the watermain, and they learned that it isn't on the city easement, where it is suppose to be, but instead goes diagonally across my yard, right under my fence. I asked them to be careful not to disturb the bush. However, that wasn't possible. They were going to toss it and get me a new one, but I asked them just to move it, roots and all, away from the digging. We carefully covered the roots, and put it back in the hole, after they were finished.  It has taken nearly 10 years, but it is back to near its original glory. It also has a new companion on the inside of the fence, that grew from the root that was left in the ground.

Meanwhile, Spring means Quilt Show, around here.  So Friday, I went with friends, to check it out.

My friend, Barbara Karim, took Best of Show for her wonderful Civil War Bride quilt, hand appliqued and hand quilted.

Here are a few of my other favourites.

I obviously have every broad tastes in quilts. I think I like the paddles, best.

Meanwhile, Spring Cleaning 2019, continues. Today, I started attacking the drawers in the sewing machine table. Over the years they have become catchalls for things that don't have a home. In my 30 minutes, today, I got one drawer done.

Now it just has things I use at the machine. Sewing machine needles, wonder tape, glue, and room for my clips.

This is another drawer, tomorrow's project.

I have no idea what is in there.


  1. I like the Pink Flamingo, but all the talented ladies have worked for many hours and weeks and more. Spring flowers, all our stores have packets galore of bulbs to tempt us all.

  2. Love the pom poms as the finish on this quilt. Barb did a fantastic job on her quilt. We need the sunshine. Your springcleaning is getting some results. Wonder what you will discover tomorrow?

  3. Gorgeous yellow flowers! Love those quilts......first prize was well deserved, for sure. Pretty sure that quilt is by an Aussie designer, but it has been popular everywhere.

  4. Wow. So much work in those quilts... and the cleaning. Ha.

  5. That prize winning quilt is stunning and the other quilts you feature are gorgeous too. Good luck with that drawer - hope you find something exciting. xx

  6. Beautiful quilts! The pompom edging intrigues me. Do you buy it by the metre, I wonder?

  7. I love all the quilts. I have no patience for needle turned applique but I love looking at photos. I personally would like to attempt an applique quilt this year.