Monday, April 22, 2019

A Joyous Easter

Winter decided to hang on through all of Lent, despite how late Easter was this year, so it is nice that spring seems to have arrived with Easter.

The forsythia came from my bush. If I cut it on Palm Sunday, I can force the flowers for my Easter table. The tulips were from the chancel at church. If one was on cleanup, yesterday, after church, one got gifted with a handful of cut flowers, so they could be enjoyed a little longer.

I made these place mats years ago, for my mother's table, but Mom liked to save things for "good" so I found them, unused, in her linen closet, after her death. It makes me kind of sad that she didn't feel a cup of tea in the afternoon, with a friend, was "good" enough. Quilting is an art to be used, so yesterday, when a friend was coming to join us for dinner, I pulled them out and put them on the table.  By the end of the meal, there had been coffee spilled on them, but they enjoyed by the diners, and the coffee washed out. The place mats were made from a free pattern from Jenny Beyer.

I made my favourite little boy an Easter Egg.

It has cats on it, because he loves cats.

I made it entirely from materials from my stash, and used the sewing of the egg as my reward for my 30 minutes of tidying. The pattern was suppose to be "easy" but there was some very tricky parts.  My vintage Singer 15-91 was very useful for the sewing of the thick sections. That machine does a fabulous job on things too thick to go through my Husqvarna.

Eggs at Easter are said to be symbolic of the empty tomb, or something that appears to be dead but is actually alive, or they are a pagen symbol of new life (depending on who you consult). So of course, there is a surprise inside.

He fits very nicely into the egg. There is even room for some chocolate. The pattern is from So Sew Easy.

My snowbird friends are returning from the south. So some fabric I ordered from a company that doesn't ship to Canada, came back with the snowbird.

I have a ridiculous 8 yards of this, because I didn't know how much I needed.  I am pretty sure I can find things to use it for.


  1. Love that egg, and have to give it a go. Fabric in big yardages, yesterday, YES on Easter Monday the merino fabric outlet store had a 20% discount. Hugh needed new winter tops, so off we went. I came home with masses of merino, purple, red, blue, green, navy, and black and white.Guess I might have enough for 3 or 4 winters' of sewing. Love those place mats, I wonder why some of us save " For a good occasion", I did that with a woollen top and skirt, then after a second baby, found it did not fit, and think it made lovely warm crawler pants for them both. 2 plus years and a 1 year old, both in bright blue. flowers, I see the yellow forsythia a good sign of spring, even if you still might have snow somewhere.

  2. I love the egg. Your grandbaby is the lucky one. He is going to fill this egg with many treasures from all of his adventures. The placemats are beautiful and just cheers you up. Your Mom might have saved them and just enjoyed looking at the cheery fabric.

  3. The place mat looks nice, I would love to try it. I checked out the tute but I don't have fabric with borders so it feels pointless to make it with non-border fabric. All my place mats have been used and washed and amazingly haven't been torn at all. If I make anything that has a lot of hand work like embroidery or applique, I honestly would never use it. I'll keep it in a box and admire it from time to time.

  4. I love that egg! So cute!You didn't mention that the scientist fabric you were waiting for was GIRL scientists! I love it!

  5. Absolutely love the egg! Hope my special boys are not too old for one next year. I think you can take comfort in the fact that your mom considered your gift a treasure. Very typical of that generation.