Sunday, July 21, 2019


Hollyhock volunteers

We had plans for fixing a garden that had gotten out of control. However, the snow extended into April, the tulips didn't flower until late May, we had a monsoon season in June (some of which we missed by travelling to BC) and then it got hot.

When we had a couple of days of relief from the humidity, we put aside all other activities and dug in.

It was a jungle.

I'm not sure what half of that is. There is grass, trees, weeds, and some rather nice perennials.

So, it was all dug up, and the salvageable plant life was carefully removed and set in buckets of water. We filled two big yard waste bags to the top.

By the end of the day, it looked like this.

We left the hollyhocks on the back edge, along with some sedum.

We have been gardening in containers at the back for years.

We have herbs, tomatoes, some flowers, all nestled into pots. Since the patio is the sunniest spot in the yard, it made sense.

We have a squash growing in the composter, again, a volunteer. I wonder what it actually is.

We even have greens in pots, cuddled up to the flowers.

So, we decided to do the same thing in the front.

I don't think they are in their final spots yet, and they need to fill in, but it is so much easier to look after. I think there may be some herbs in there as well, however, no kale, yet!

Not a lot of crafting got done, but I did make another pair of shorts.

My stash decreases, as his shorts drawer fills up.


  1. Cute shorts......your little guy will be the best dressed in his neighbourhood! Container gardening is a great idea. We are headed that way because of the ongoing drought, so much easier to maintain than a whole garden bed.

  2. A good start to have pots with plants already growing, love the new look.

  3. Having a garden sounds really nice but it's also a lot of work! In Singapore, only the very rich can afford to live in a home with a garden. I'm highly allergic to plant pollen anyway, so it's a good thing I'm not very rich.

  4. Now you can grow everything you want to and know it will grow. No competing with tree roots! Those shorts are cute.