Tuesday, July 9, 2019

The Marvelous Mystique

Mystique has been with us for 4 months now, waiting for someone to give her a "forever" family. Meanwhile, she likes to keep busy. I was enjoying her activity that other day.

We put peanuts on "her" window ledge and she sits and watches those coming to her "Takeout Window"

How may I help you?

That will be $2.49.

Thank you, call again!

It's been a busy morning!

Last week, she tried her hand at knitting. It wasn't very successful.

She does have good taste in yarn, though. It is a cashmere blend.

Summer is finally here, and I made my little guy a pair of shorts.

The retail clothes sold for boys is so boring. Quilting cottons are much more fun. The pattern is Sunny Day Shorts by Oliver + S


  1. Love the cat fabric - just right for a little guy's shorts! Mystique, you are a gorgeous kitty and I hope you find your forever home soon.

  2. how old is your little guy he's willing to wear the cats print? i know hubs and my son will never trust my choice of fabric or wear anything with so many colours! i miss those days when i get to decide what my kids wear.

  3. Love the story with Mystique, she is so adorable.And cool shorts.

  4. Just love how the chipmunk came for peanuts, the cat are enjoying your house. The way know what is the good stuff? It must be built in. Love those shorts.

  5. Ohhh my goodness, "takeout window." How unspeakably cute.