Thursday, August 8, 2019

Lace Ilex

According to my Ravelry Project Page, I started this scarf on November 30, 2015. I guess it was waiting for me to be in the mood to finish it. Since I am finishing some vintage UFO's right now, it has now had its turn to be completed.

Here it is, this morning, enjoying the sun. I love the way the shadow shows the lace. It is 14.5" wide and nearly 60" long so it will be very nice in the winter. to wrap up in.

The ends taper to give it some interest. I love the seed stitch, not your usual edging for lace.

A closeup of the lace. Each repeat has a slightly different lace pattern. The pattern is Lace Ilex by Susann Hajjar.

The yarn is Diamond Luxury Collection Footloose.  This yarn is discontinued. Fortunately, when I realized that I was going to be short, my friend Cheryl came to the rescue with a skein from her stash, in the same lot.

These pictures are a much more accurate representation of the colour of the yarn. It is a rich, deep purple.

I had a professional model visiting today, who volunteered to show what it looks like on. Most of his work has been for his Mommie's Facebook Page.


  1. What a beautiful pattern, and the colour sets it off so well! Your model is doing such a great job, next thing he will be wanting a rise in his pay.

  2. Love the model, it is a beauty and the pattern is gorgeous.