Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Roses For Leanna

This has been a week of finishes. I started this quilt in a class about 10 years ago. Put it away while I figured out what I needed to do to love it. Pulled it out this past spring, fixed the top to my liking, and then Leanna fell in love with it. Since Leanna needed a quilt, it is going to her, now that it is finished.

Of course, I have a very hard time finding a place to take a picture of a large quilt, that isn't covered in pet hair, but I tried.

It is a little lumpy but it stayed clean. It is 78" x 78", according to the lady who did the quilting.

It has lots of red roses. The border is tone on tone roses.

Krista did an awesome job on the quilting.

The back is red flannel so I asked her to use beige in the bobbin, too, to give the back some interest.

The corners are flat and square.

It is even labelled! Most of my quilts aren't. I expect she will enjoy it when the weather gets cooler.

And, because summer isn't quite over yet,  another pair of shorts for my little guy.


  1. Your ittle guy will be a foxy little feller in those shorts! Looks like a lovely cosy quilt for when the weather turns again.

  2. Beautiful,and that shade of thread for the backing was a wonderful choice. Red, deliciously cosy. it will be a treasure.

  3. Love the fox on those cute shorts. Leanne is one lucky young woman to receive such a beautiful quilt. Flannel on the back, it is always so soft and warm.

  4. Now that I'm attempting a quilt, I've been paying attention to other people's quilts! You're very brave to use red. Every red fabric I've bought has bled and bled. I've never learnt to make a quilt the proper way - just winged it. To me the hardest part of a quilt is putting all the colours together since I'm using scraps. Is the batting "compulsory"? Since it's hot here and batting is expensive, I do wonder if I need it at all.

  5. Always nice to get a UFO finished and it is going to a good home which is great. Love the way the quilting shows up on the back. A lovely finish. xx

  6. That's a beautiful quilt. Leanna is a lucky girl. And I'm glad to see you're continuing the fox tradition with the little guy.