Thursday, October 3, 2019

Clean Sweep

Last week, we put all the items we wanted from IKEA on a list and actually bought them. We finally got the new bed we have been wanting. We got my little guy his big bed, as his third birthday present. And, I got a Kallax shelving unit to store my fabric in. The price of shipping is per delivery not per item, so it just made sense.

If you live without IKEA then you might not know about this marvelous piece of furniture. It is a box of cubic holes, that you can place storage bins into, or store books, or use their drawer insert and add a cat bed.

This is the one I bought:

And, of course, I picked up the cat bed for it.

So, the next order of business is to move the boxes and bins out of my sewing room, so I can put the shelving in to store them.

Progress is being made, but I need to move some more out. I am not showing you the mess that is still to be moved. At the same time, I am pulling fabric for some projects for my upcoming quilt retreat.On the couch, you can see the start of that. Not much sewing is being done, but I am hopeful that I will have some better organization soon.

I have been knitting.

One of a pair of baby socks, the yarn is leftover from an adult pair in Turtlepurl OM colourway. The pattern is Kate Atherley's baby sock, my favourite baby sock pattern. There might even be a hat from the leftovers.

It was garbage day on Tuesday,  and you always see the most interesting things.

A crow (or possibly a raven) is inspecting the neighbours' garbage for items they were suppose to put into the organic composting bin.  Obviously the city is getting serious about keeping organics out the landfill, and they have hired this guy to check our bins.


  1. Our nearest IKEA is in the Big Smoke, six hours away. However we do have a big store here (one of a chain) which has a few items of shelving furniture, one of which is a clone of yours. Two for me, a smaller one for the cat. That's a very cute little sock!

  2. I love Ikea. We have lots of Ikea stuff in my home but we don't own a Kallax. Most of my fabric is on open shelves. But I hate getting dust on them!

  3. Wow! Never heard of a Kallax shelving unit. I love the cat insert, and of course, you need one!

  4. It will be lovely to have your stash organised in the Ikea cubes - perfect. Great socks!! xx

  5. Actually just thought of a story you might like. We met up with a friend of ours recently. A couple of years ago he was seriously ill with sepsis from a bite on his leg and is very fortunate to still be alive. Because of the leg bit he now has to wear a special stocking on that leg. As he is also an avid sock knitter he enjoys the fact that he now only has to knit one of each sock! Obviously he would rather be fit again but I thought that this was a great way of looking at his disability. xx

  6. Busy bee. It looks like a mammoth task. Once it is done, you will wonder why you did not do it years ago. Ikea is such a fun place to find everything you need to get the job done. Love the cat box!