Monday, October 14, 2019


In this part of the world, the harvest is pretty well finished by mid October. We are getting frost warnings most evenings. So, it makes sense that we give thanks for the harvest in October. Our vegetable gardening is nearly non existent these days, especially since there is an excellent Farmers' Market about 5 minutes away, in the parking lot at Best Buy! I can buy lovely vegetables, grown pesticide free, and support local agriculture.

However, the seeds from one of last year's squash decided to grown out of our compost bin this year, and without any work we have a bumper crop of squash.

I haven't cooked any yet. I hope they taste good.

The sewing room reno continues. The Kallax has been built.

Today, I was adding bins and labelling them.

I have found a few WIP that I plan to finish soon.

I started the Ring Sling back in February. You can see the lining here.

Then I cut the exterior of the bag, by putting the cut line on the fold and I cut on the fold line, leaving me with something unusable. Progress came to a complete halt, until today.

The exterior is now cut correctly.

Here it is with the exterior pocket.  I think fall needs a little Tula Pink. This is Tabby Lane, that I have been hoarding for awhile. Fingers crossed I can finish the bag with no more disasters.

I saw a tip the other day that you should store your interfacing rolled inside a paper towel tube. I just laughed. I buy my interfacing 5 metres at a time. I saved one of the pieces of packing from the Kallax and it is just the right size to make a bolt for my interfacing.

It will fit nicely beside the shelf.


  1. A paper towel tube? Maybe if you're making a change purse! :)

  2. Love the creative way you are storing the interfacing. Your sewing room is going to look amazing when it is done, the cherry on top, you are finding lots of treasures.

  3. Love your decorative squash! Your Kallax is a very efficient storage idea......I have a cheap clone but without baskets, although they are easily bought. Thai is very cute kitty fabric!

  4. I'm going to copy your idea to keep my interfacing. I buy 10 yards each time and I have different grades as well. Over here October is marked by increased rainfall. I mean it rains thru'out the year but in October it could be a every day thing.

  5. I like your storage system. I don’t have a system as such, more like bags everywhere! All my fabric and interfacing is folded these days! Love that cat fabric, really cute!
    Barbara xx