Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Making Things

When talking to people, I am more likely to call myself a maker, than an artist. While artist is the goal, I'm still striving towards that. this week, I got a bit of a boost.

My quilt group had a challenge last month. We received a roughly six inch square of fabric and asked to create a sewing accessory from it. We could add more fabric from our stashes, but we were suppose to keep it small. It was suppose to be a quick and easy challenge.

This was the fabric.

It came with a clip and my brain wanted to do something with the clip as well.

After a couple of false starts, I ended up with this.

It is a hand sewing wallet. The stash fabric was a birthday gift from a friend, last year.

The challenge fabric became a zippered pocket, to hold the scissors, thimble, and other little notions.

There is a piece of wool felt for the needles and pins and a strap of fabric to hold the clips. The lining fabric is straight pins.

Entries were due last Monday. A total of 13 accessories returned, and there was a viewer's choice balloting. Everyone got to choose their 3 favourites. Sadly, nobody thought to take a picture of the whole group.

Surprise! I got the most votes! Not sure what the attraction was, but I did hear a lot of comments about the clip strap.

The prize...

Some fabric, and a needle threader. I needed  a needle threader for my wallet.

The threader is really cute, with a tiny cutter and a hook to grab the thread.

In the sock area, I finished the socks I started in May.

They have been my knitting project for appointments, meetings, anytime I need some easy mindless knitting. I have lost the ball band, so I have no idea what yarn it is, but someone will like them for Christmas.


  1. Love the wallet, and a prize,the needle threader is a beauty.( fabric is too).

  2. I'm not surprised you won the prize - your sewing wallet is a great idea, and you used the challenge fabric well! A useful prize is icing on the cake, especially that nifty needle threader. Whoever gets those warm socks will appreciate their warmth, for sure.

  3. congrats on your win. so clever of you to use the clip! I don't think of myself as an artist either. I'm a maker too.

  4. What a lovely wallet! Very artistic no matter what you call yourself!

  5. Your wallet is just great! A cute way to use that challenge fabric, and a truly useful item, too!

  6. A DrEAMi that won a prize - I love it!! This is well-deserving of a prize, so useful and perfect fabrics for it too. Did you make up the pattern yourself? It's so clever! Thanks for linking up!