Thursday, December 5, 2019

Little Gifts

Our church has a Christmas project that will provide backpacks full of essentials to women living on the streets in our city. The quilting group decided that an essential would be a pouch to keep small things in to make them easier to find in the backpack.

Last week, we started making them, and I brought the finished ones, and some that needed finishing home with me. They are simple but big enough to hold a toothbrush, paste, lip balm, and things that size.

I think they look great. Some of the ladies plan to make some for giving with gift cards to teachers and friends.

Meanwhile, a friend of mine asked for some Sweetpea Pods for Christmas stockings.

I made two at retreat that I had already given her. They are in this picture along with the bibs for the baby shower, and some lip balm holders.

This week, I made 4 more.

These are for grandsons, with police cars on two and vintage computer fabric on two. 

I  still have some mitten clips to make in the next while, as well as a couple of other sewing projects.


  1. Love your finishes this week - well done!

  2. It is always so good to be able to make gifts for others, and the little pouches will be so welcome.

  3. I hope this doesn't sound dumb because I live in a hot country. How do the women survive in the cold? I can barely survive in an air-conditioned room. When I was in Taipei, our guide brought us to a park where some homeless people sleep at night. Sleeping bags are provided. At dawn, the bags are collected and the homeless leave the park because they aren't allowed to hang around.

  4. Your home is a regular Santa's workshop!

  5. Love all those pouches, I’m sure they will be very useful!
    How do people sleep rough out there? In the snow?
    Hubbie and I were out today in Wimbledon and saw a few people laying in different doorways of a large store, at 2pm, with duvets over/under them. Life must be tough for them!
    Barbara xx