Friday, December 20, 2019

Preparing for Christmas

I have been busy getting some things ready for Christmas, this week. Parcels need to be packed and mailed to far away family. Goodies need to be baked. sewing and knitting needs to be finished.

I made an apron to go into one parcel. In celebration of a move to the north, I thought this was the suitable gift.

I lined it, because, as the older ladies from my youth would say, it keeps the gravy from soaking through. Of course, the instructions that come with the panel say to turn all the edges under with a narrow hem. I tried that once and it takes forever, so now, I just line them. Much quicker and easier.

I took pictures of the process, so if anyone is interested, I'll post pictures of how to make a lined apron.

This is the lining.

The fabric is called Canadian Capers. I bought some extra for other silly projects.

The tree is up, and my grandson helped me decorate.

He got a stool, so he could put the stuffies up high, then never moved the stool, so they are all on the same side.  Who am I to argue with his creative vision?

Meanwhile, Mystique has set up residence under the tree.

She reaches up and knocks the stuffies off the tree, so my grandson gets to redecorate every time he is over.

I have a whole box of beautiful, fragile ornaments, packed away. Maybe, someday, when there are no cats, dogs or preschoolers, I might put them on the tree, again. Then, again, I kind of like the current collection.


  1. Decorations facing the front, looks good in his eyes and mine. Fragile ones, like special china, best left till no little hands can do unexpected or any other damage not really meant to happen. Perfect place for your cat to rest and ponder.

  2. Love that fun Canadian fabric! Yes - your tree looks good to me, perhaps when your little guy is older and can appreciate those older decorations they can come out again.

  3. Best decorated ever! It gets changed up everyday, thanks to Mystique who is having the whole interactive experience. The apron looks amazing, only in Canada, eh?

  4. I love his creative vision. You're a wonderful grandmother! Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  5. This year for the first time in a very long time, I did not have my quilted tree skirt under my tree, which is where the cats over the years have always LOVED to lie. No surprise seeing Mystique on yours! Thanks for linking up this oh so Canadian apron DrEAMi! I love that fabric, one I (gulp) haven't seen before.