Thursday, November 26, 2020

Another UFO Complete

 Back in the days when life was open and free, my church quilt group agreed to quilt two quilts for an organization building accommodations for homeless veterans.  The tops were already made. We put one quilt onto the frame and were making good progress, when Covid lockdowns began. When it became obvious that it would be a very long time before we could sit around the frame again, I got permission to go into our closed building and rescue the quilt from the frame. It became the travelling quilt, moving between quilters to get it finished. I put the last stitches into it last Friday.

It is a large quilt and is folded in four in this picture. It was picked up by the person in charge of decorating the sanctuary, and on Sunday morning, it made its first completed appearance, during Zoom Church.

This photo is courtesy of the AV volunteer.

However, we had agreed to finish two quilts, so instead of driving ourselves crazy, we are donating one we finished awhile ago, and hung in the church, last January.

Not as long, but wider.

And the other quilt top that we were suppose to finish?

It has been upcycled into three quilts that will be used by the service dogs that are expected to live at the facility. They got a doggy backing in flannel, and were quilted by machine, with no bindings.

Sometimes things work out better than we expect.

A few years ago, a former minister started hanging our quilts in the sanctuary so they could absorb the prayers and hopes of all the people. The congregation loved it. They were thrilled to see a new quilt this week.

Meanwhile, I was asked to make a couple more hand sanitizer pouches, for a friend. I finished them today.

I was asked for one dog and one cat. This is what my scarps produced. I like them. This is the 100 ml size.


  1. It is overwhelmingly sad that a veteran who served for your country is homeless, the quilts for them and for their dogs is so heartfelt.

  2. The quilts will all be very welcome, including the ones for the doggies. So important to remember them too. The handsanitizer pouches are beautiful.

  3. What a lovely idea - and especially the quilts for the dogs. Fun sanitizer pouches too!

  4. Kate you are such a generous person.Your church quilt group also did a wonderful job.Your gifts will help the kitties and also veterans. Keep it up!!

  5. Great to see these quilts and I like the first photo best, kind of shows the size better.
    Dog quilts, how sweet!
    I like you hand sanitizer holders, cute!
    Barbara xx
    Barbara xx