Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Where Does the Time Go?

 It has been weeks since I have been here, and I was wondering what happened. Its not like I'm going anywhere.

In hindsight, I realized I have been dealing with family emergencies, large and small. It's the small ones that take the most time. 

Our microwave died, after 40 years of service. I spent hours trying to figure out what to buy to replace it, without being able to go out and look at what was available. In the end, I used my tape measure to make sure it would fit, crossed my fingers, and ordered.

Here is the new one, all shiny in its new home. I have no idea how to use it, so a large amount of trial and error is involved. 

I am now supervising remote kindergarten for my grandson, at least once a week. Nothing gets done that day, and sometimes, I get a desperate text at 7:05, asking if he can come a second day in the week. We made a lovely Christmas tree out of construction paper, yesterday. 

You can see in the background what a mess the table is by the end of the day. I cheated and ran the stack of tree cutouts through the sewing machine, to hold them together so he could glue them.

It was Christmas hat day, yesterday, so Doug modelled the hat we found.

Doug can be so accommodating sometimes.

Christmas parcels are being prepared for shipment.

This cookie didn't make it into the mail. We needed to do some quality testing.

The knitting continues, and I managed to finish a pair of socks and a scarf. They were washed today, and will be ready to go by morning.

I seem to have a blue theme going.

The granddogs requested new bandanas. I don't use my serger enough and had to remember how to get good results on bias edges.

Two Christmas ones and two bright ones to wear in the snow, I think they will like them.

Hopefully, tomorrow, I will get everything boxed up and get Canada Post to come and pick them up.


  1. Recently I went shopping for ovens and saw that microwave ovens nowadays can do pretty much everything a regular oven does like grilling and baking. I have one that only does microwaving but it came free when I bought something else. Do you have an air fryer? We bought one for our kids to use but my son refuses to use it. So my daughter gets to be the air fryer cook.

  2. Oh my - you have been busy! Doug looks very smart in his Christmas hat, even though he looks less than thrilled to be wearing it.

  3. Love the bandanas. Your new microwave looks perfect in its spot. Amazing how time flies and days blend into one another when we have to deal with all manner of emergencies at a moment's notice. Doug you cutie. He looks so calm and relaxed modelling the Christmas hat, what a good boy. Some very lucky recipients of the beautiful blue shawl and socks. Keeping safe shopping online is becoming an art form.