Tuesday, July 20, 2021

I Got Lost

 Since I hardly leave home, it seems hard to believe that I could get lost, but somehow, I have missed nearly 3 weeks, this month. 

First off, it has been hot. It is hard to doing any sewing or knitting when it gets up to 30C.  Much easier at -30C. 

I also spent some time, trying to figure out how to create a new mailing list for my blog. I've used Feedburner, but apparently Google is phasing it out. I downloaded my list and found over 1000 email addresses, most of which I suspect are spam. So now I need to filter out the spam and try to create a new list. Hopefully my email subscribers will only miss a couple of posts.

I went for my second vaccine, and my arm was sore for a few days, but otherwise, I had no problems (except, no crafting). 

A big obstacle was that I started reading The Rose Code by Kate Quinn. The book is 625 pages and I had to keep going. What a great story if you are into mystery and intrigue. I found out that the Duchess of Cambridge's grandmother worked at Bletchley Place during WWII.

Pictures! Let's have some pictures.

The hollyhocks are looking very good.

The neighbours took down the huge maple tree that shaded the back of our house. The tree was probably 60 years old, and had already damaged the their house. They were afraid it was no longer stable. the yard is now so bright that I am in search of new blinds for my family room. 

Fires in Northern Ontario are giving us blood in the moon. My camera tried, but this was the best I got.

A friend introduced me to a new shawl pattern, that is currently free as the designer runs a knit along on Instagram. It is called "Reach For the Stars"

It is progressing slowly. The yarn was in my stash, a hand dyed skein called "Stay Home For Christmas".

The designer of the shawl pattern is also a hand dyer in England. She created a colourway for the knit along. I managed to get two skeins of it.

Gorgeous, isn't it. I'm sure I can find a pattern to knit it into. Surprisingly, it got here faster than yarns I have ordered from Canadian suppliers.

Needless to say, the My Bag of the Month project is not moving forward, this month!


  1. Catherine:: I thought maybe you had gone on a holiday. Yes when the weather is so hot it is hard to concentrate on anything.Summer is good but going fast. Your new shawl looks lovely. Take care…you will miss your neighbour’s tree 🌳 for shade and coolness.

  2. The maple wood, a woodturner's delight. And the hollyhocks, I saw some on another blog post , I still have one flowering in the middle of our winter.

  3. Um......30 deg isn't really hot, you know......we know about bushfire smoke here too, the way it turns the sky red and orange. That was a big maple tree, will the wood be used for anything? You will miss its summer shade, for sure. That's very pretty rainbow yarn, and I like your knitting choice too.

  4. Your 30 deg hot is probably equivalent to our cold 22 deg last month which had me wearing sweater at home. Today it's rather cool at 32 deg C. Humidity is only 66%. My whole fam has been fully vaccinated. I reacted badly to the 2nd dose - fever, body aches, headaches, weird pains on my legs and intense tiredness. Thankfully they went away pretty fast. We're back to No dining out again and social groups of 2's only. When will it end?